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As of Jan 2008  Train Town has Moved


Train town has moved again, this time to the Ward Parkway Mall, Since 2008 the core membership of Train Town has continued to provide the public with a great model railroading experience, come see our vast layouts and learn about our recent improments.


2004 Train Town has moved into Union Station in Kansas City Mo.  The Holiday G-guage layout is well under construction. Visit the KCGRS web site for photos and info. Our President David Sutherland and the Union Station Administration are working together to place layouts on display as quickly as possible. Already well on it's way to operating is the N-scale layout donated by Duke Akers. Tom Williams, Bernie Smith, and others have been working at a blistering pace to restore the layout to life. Two tracks are operational with the third planned for replacement and upgrade from NN3 to full N-gauge. Scenery and structures will added and running trains will be on display 5 days a week.


Train Town Moved to Union Station in downtown KC Mo. 31 Oct 2004, The KCGRS has rejoined the Train Town community and creating a holiday train display in G-gauge. Lots of exciting things are happening for Train Town


Train Town received some bad news August 15. The Blue Ridge Mall has terminated our lease effective Nov 1 2004. As a result we are forced to find a new location. It's been a great run at the mall but it's time to progress to the next step. Possible new locations are being sought, Union Station has not been ruled out. 


Another news release here 26 Aug 2003: http://springfield.news-leader.com/news/today/0821-Trainhobby-141323.html


The Train Town Grand Opening and news release. July 20, 2003  http://www.examiner.net/stories/080203/lif_080203024.shtml

Darla McFarland of The Examiner, wrote a great article establishing Train Town to the local media. Thanks Darla.  The grand opening was a great success. We estimated attendance somewhere near 400.  We had a cake, a raffle, and balloons for the kids. Everyone had fun. See the pics on the photos page 

Established 1 Jun 2003 in the Blue Ridge Mall location, at the east end of the Mall across from Lerners NY. Train Town was the joint effort between Mall Management and the Weekend'N'gineers. In light of the upcoming construction project on the west end of the mall, the Weekend'N'gineers found themselves in need of a new home. With the success of the 2nd Greater Kansas City Model Railroad Expo (GKCMRRE) completed on 4 May 2003,  the Engineers were ready to move into their new home. Conditions were perfect and the space bountiful, they set the wheels of progress into motion and the move came to pass. With the cooperation of 3 other local clubs the move was put to rest and the doors opened for business in just three short weeks.





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