Darren Hensley



Employment History


24 Hour Fitness                                                                                                                                                   2006 – Present

Maintenance Technician

·         Troubleshoot and repair fitness equipment including treadmills, cross trainers, elipticals, step mills, Stairmasters, stationary bicycles, selectorized weight equipment, and free weight equipment.

·         Facilities and facility amenities troubleshooting and repair including HVAC, plumbing and water heating boilers and tanks, electrical, structural and non structural real property, décor, furniture, arcade games systems, playground equipment, gymnasium and sports equipment, child care facilities and amenities.

·         Coordinate contract support and/or warranty repair of fitness equipment and facilities.

·         Maintain a swimming pool, spa, sauna, and steam room as well as the associated equipment and support materials.

·         Acquire and hold a Certified Pool Operators certificate from the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

·         Have experience with, and working knowledge of, facilities and mechanical equipment maintenance.

·         Coordinated and compiled discrepancy reports for wet area equipment for each of 4 clubs.

·         Created a maintenance discrepancy documentation form for major items of real property like HVAC units and pump room equipment.

·         Created a pool chemical documentation form to provide a more accurate and complete water quality testing history.


Computer Dot Com                                                                                                                                             2004 – Present

Network and PC Consultant, PC Technician


·         Analyze questions concerning unusual behavior of systems and provide solutions. Video and Modem troubles, Wireless network issues, Installation techniques. Often use the Microsoft Knowledge base to look up specific error messages. The OS’s range from Win 98 to Win XP.

·         Help Desk service - assist customers and provide technical solutions.

·         Assisted customer having difficulty with factory installation of Win XP on a custom built state of the art, HP 3.0 ghz system.  The system was highly unstable.  Recommended replacement of the Hard Drive and a scratch install of each of the software packages to be used.

·         Installed a 3-computer network for Messer Dental Laboratory.  Dragged cable and installed a 4 port Hub, and ISP provided DSL modem, to complete a routine DSL connected network in a small business.

·         Installed a wireless router from Linksys in the computer shop enabling a full testing environment of incoming customers wireless equipment and laptops. Installed an Edimax USB Print server enabling printing capability from anywhere in the shop on a DeskJet printer.

·         Responded to a customer complaint of a new workstation/server having boot difficulties.  Discovered a previous workman’s attempts left the network in a state less operable.  Repaired cut/frayed audio cable from CD Rom to Motherboard at the hinge point of the Dell system causing an intermittent short.  Additionally, new system was having communications difficulty within the network. Discovered toolbar, adware, and spyware on the system.  Removed code with Spy Bot S&D, re-installed Avast antivirus software, and restored TCP/IP network settings to reconnect the network.


Show Me Model Railroad Company, Grandview MO (concurrent part time work)                   2002 – 2006

PC Technician/Help Desk/Model repair & layout assembly consultant/Salesman


·         Installed laptop and Decoder pro services to the shop layout. Replaced the shop computer system, installed Win 2000, Office 2000 and several train and business related software’s. Implemented a data backup routine.

·         Began attending DeVry University.  Created, implemented, and maintained 7 model railroad web sites using MS Front Page.


Computer Services, Warrensburg MO,                                                                                                           1999 – 2001

Computer systems and network consultant/technician


·         Repaired and installed CD ROM drives, Hard drives, and Modems.  Completed system upgrades from processor exchanges to adding memory, or improved video. Setup workstations for DialUp networking of the Island Internet provider in Sedelia, Mo.

·         For Warrensburg Eyecare, expanded and upgraded the network, which consisted of 8 computers in Warrensburg, and 1 each in Richmond, Windsor, and Concordia. Each had a dedicated leased 56k link and modem. The upgrade included migration from Novell network services and file server to Windows 2000 server, and Win NT file server both over a star topology using TCP/IP. 

·         Employed a Cisco 2611, 16 Port router and three Cisco 805 Single port routers and 5 port Linksys hubs to reestablish a reliable 56k backbone.  Installed new network cable drags to several exam rooms in Warrensburg, and all new drags in Windsor, Concordia, and Richmond.

·         Established connectivity and setup Windows Terminal Services Client for all workstations and laptops. “Eyecare” proprietary software became the new paperless documentation system for all patients’ optical exam records. The network expanded to 18 total computers, 3 laptops, 2 File servers, and a DSL connection for ISP.

·         Programmed the routers from scratch, used extensive help from tech services at Cisco. Installed a tape backup system and implemented a backup routine to include off site storage of media. Further, ISP and Router configuration was made possible by external sources. This led to replacement of the 56k link with DSL and the “Eyecare” program began usage via VPN in a Win TS client/server environment.

·         Assisted in adding a network drop to Burton Dental of Warrensburg.  Ensured connectivity over TCP/IP network for Internet and data to a local Dell file and application server.


H-10-K Enterprises                                                                                                                                            1995 – 2002

Computer systems and networking consultant/Principal

·         Alamogordo NM, Physical Therapy Center.  Network administrator, Novell 311, WordPerfect Suite, transition from Dos 6.2 to Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. Comprised mostly of installing software, and upgrading memory. Ensured wired connectivity and Novell File Server operations. Installed networked applications as required.

·         Alamogordo NM and Warrensburg MO.  Completed upgrade paths for home computer system, installing ISP services to local ISPs over DSL or Cable broadband connections.  Antivirus installation and Virus Removal.  Upgraded and/or software installations.  DSL connectivity in small businesses.  Provided similar services to more than 200 individual customers of this nature.

·         Knobnoster MO, Installed (from scratch) a network and telephone cable plant for First Command Financial. Consisting of 14 drops. Provided 1 year warranty maintenance.

·         Grandview MO, Installed (from scratch) a network and telephone cable plant for First Command Financial. Consisting of 8 drops. Provided 1 year warranty maintenance.



USAF                                                                                                                                                                     1983 – 2003

Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technician

Holloman AFB NM, and Whiteman AFB MO

·         Completed advanced structural maintenance of Harvest Bare equipment and materials during 5 skill level upgrade training.  Documented as highly skilled and motivated.

·         Completed advanced structural maintenance of Harvest Bare equipment and materials (Depot Level work) while still in 5 Skill level upgrade training. Documented achievement.

·         Conceived, designed, illustrated, compiled and constructed from scratch materials and kits, a 8’ x 12’ 1/72 scale Bare Base Model in 18 months, Decorated.

·         NCOIC of special projects Structural Maintenance, responsible for completing shelter readiness activities including parts management.

·         Mobile Training Team Instructor, Categotry 1 Structures Erection Course. Deployed to Florida to train the 315th Red Horse.

·         Deployment Support database manger responsible for data management using Enable 2.5, of shelters and WRM assets. undergoing reconstitution from deployment.

·         Deployed to Coronet Aspen 1989-90, Structural Maintenance Technician, Decorated.

·         Deployed to Desert Storm/Provide Comfort 1990-91, Structural Erection Specialist, Decorated.

·         NCOIC Special Projects 1991-93, Commanders Recognition Program

·         Began Computer usage in 1986, post L-86 purchases of x286 machinery. Began small computer support activities post x386 upgrade purchases in 1988. Assumed control and administration over the campus area network post Novell training and x486 upgrade purchases in 1993.

·         MARS Technician, F117A, 1993-97, Designed and implemented a special template for LO maintenance.

·         Transferred to Whiteman AFB in 1997, assumed a Work Group Manager (WGM) role within the section, quickly became the flight CSSO/TASO. Functioned as WGM during assignment to an office position as Section Training Manager.

·         Designed and implemented the Consolidated Personnel Management System (CPMS) database in MS Access, which remains in use today. This database took 6 months to write and perfect.

·         During the WGM tour was responsible for ensuring connectivity of all section and flight assets. Required to install, upgrade, maintain and trouble shoot operating systems, office automation software and network client interfaces over Novell 4.12 and 32 bit Info Connect. 32 Bit Info Connect software is used as terminal emulation software for client on windows to interface with DCP 15/30 Main Frame system.

·         Moved into the Organizational Computer Manager(OCM) position temporarily assuming those duties while the primary was undergoing training. This was a 3-month position for a highly trained individual. 

·         Assumed the Organizational Security Managers position and received advanced CISSP and ISSR/ISSO training. Developed a process tracking and automation database, used as a benchmark for other organizational managers. Security clearance was upgraded during this time period. The position lasted 3 months.

·         Returned to the LO section and began supervisory tasks on the Flight line and Phased Inspection hangars.

·         3 Months Recognition program work until retirement from the USAF, 1 Feb 2003.



Retired, USAF 20 years service with 17 decorations, and over 25 individual accomplishment letters of recognition, Feb 2003

Small business partner of the year, Warrensburg Area Vocational Tech School (WAVTS), Warrensburg MO, May 2000

Professional Provider of the Year, 9th Fighter Squadron (FS), Holloman AFB, NM, 1996

Maintenance Safety Award of the Quarter, 49th Fighter Wing, Holloman AFB, NM, 1996

NCO of the Quarter, 9th FS, Holloman AFB, NM, Jun 1996

Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, 9th FS, Holloman AFB, NM, 1995 and Whiteman AFB, MO, 2003

Society of the Nighthawk, F117A Martian, Lockheed Aerospace, 9th FS, Holloman AFB, NM, 1995

Humanitarian Service Award, 4449 Mobility Support Squadron (MOBSS), Holloman AFB, NM, 1991

Cold War Certificate, in recognition of National Defense Service during the Cold War of 1945 - 1991


Education and Certification

Completion of Maintenance Technician Training, 24 Hour Fitness, July 2006

Certificate: Certified Pool Operator, G Farney and Assc. Inc, Topeka Ks, Apr 2006

Bachelor of Science, Network and Communications Management, Devry University, Kansas City, MO Oct 2005

Certified: Information System Security Professional (CISSP), AEGIS Research Corp., Eglin AFB, Fl 2002

Certificate of Accomplishment, ISSO/ISSR Training, USAF Whiteman AFB MO, Jan 2001

Certified: Network Technician and Computer Technician, Brain Bench, Aug 2000

Diploma, Professional Military Education, Non Commissioned Office Academy, Keesler AFB, Ms, USAF, 1999

Advanced Structural Composite Maintenance, ABRIS Training Corp., Whiteman AFB, MO, 1999

Occupational Education Computer Science, Turbo C++, Visual Basic, and CS 365 Business Data Communications

State Fair Community College and Park University, Whiteman AFB, MO 1999-2002

Novell Education Certificate, Novell Netware 3.11, 505 System Manager, 515 Advanced System Manager, 701 Support and Service, Holloman AFB, NM, Jan 1993

Certificate of Training, Technical Training, Airframe Repair Specialist, Chanute AFB, Il, USAF, Jun 1983



Structural Maintenance of metal bonded honeycomb and fabric shelters (specifically Bare Base assets)

Manage Special Projects

MS Windows work station administration 95-XP                                                         

MS Windows server administration NT4.0 – 2003                                                        

Novell Server Administration                                                                                           

Linux workstation administration                                                                                     

Network topology installation and documentation                                                       

Telecomm systems installation and documentation                                                     

Technical illustration and documentation in MS Visio

Adv. Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technician

Training and Personnel Manager

Facilities Manager

Fitness Equipment repair technician

Heavy and Light equipment operator

Plaque and Engravings Master craftsman

Plastic and Balsa wood model construction, carving, and/or assembly

Low voltage electrician: specifically model railroad animation, lighting, DCC & analog control systems, track and accessory controls and circuits



Maintain, Inventory, Repair, and Reconstitute Harvest Bare and Falcon Structures

Surface Prep and Stealth restoration for F117A and B2A Low Observable weapons platforms

Security Manager

Administrative, Logistical, and organizational support

Create, implement, and administrate advanced Microsoft Access 2000 databases with Visual Basic program modules and scripts       

Create, implement, and administrate web sites                                                               

Create and administrate procedural documentation                                                      

Install and document network and telecommunications equipment and wiring       

Work as a small focus manager (special projects, etc.)

Languages: Java, Access/Visual Basic, Turbo C++, MSQB 4.5

Work as a supervisor (shift lead, small group, etc.)

Work as a team member or advisor

Work independently (remote or local)

Illustrate Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical drawings

Swimming Pool and Spa operations and maintenance

13K AT Forklift operator

M-Series Vehicle operator

Small application electronics repair

Furniture and cabinet making




20 Years: USAF career, Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technician

14 Years: Computer Systems and Network Administration experience

14 Years: Management and supervisory

12 Years: Bare Base Systems, Harvest Bare and Falcon Assets Maintenance

2 Years: F117A Material Application and Repair Specialist (MARS)

2 Years: B2A Low Observables Surface Preparation and repair

4 Years: self employed Computer Systems and Networking Consultant

3 Years: Computer Systems Technician for small town businesses

4 Years: Commanders Recognition Program creating plaques and engravings

2 Years: sales and repair service for a model railroad retail store

2 Years: as Training Manager for over 60 personnel including OJT, correspondence courses, formal and informal classes

2 Years: diversified woodworking craftsman

7 Months: of highly specialized mobile team-member and team-leader employment in a foreign country

6 Months: diversified employment in an isolated location under austere conditions in a foreign country

Over 500 Hours: Laboratory environment and experimentation during Devry University of Kansas City studies

2 Years: accumulative instructing experience



Affiliations (past and present)

Association of Information Technology Professionals

Non-Commissioned Officer Association (NCOA)

Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA)

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Union Station Kansas City Historical Society

Weekend ‘N’gineers Model Railroad Club

N-Trak Modular Railroading Society

Southern Kansas City Model Railroad Club

Toy Train Depot of Alamogordo NM

Alamogordo N-Scale Train Society (ANTS)

Warrensburg Food Locker

Alamogordo Food Pantry, a division of the Alamogordo Dept. of Social Services



                Excellent references available upon request.