Darren Hensley

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Belton, Mo. 64012


darrenhensley@h-10-k.com www.h-10-k.com


A career in a technical instructor/trainer position; guiding adults through the accredited levels of PC fundamentals, PC use for SOHO applications, home networking/internet access, and desktop systems upgrade techniques. An education degree.


Education and Certification

Current Status: Enrolled and attending Master of Art, Teaching (MAT) program at Webster University, Kansas City, have completed 15 of 33 required credits, 3.9 GPA


Bachelor of Science, Network and Communications Management

Devry University, Kansas City, MO Oct 2005, 3.0 GPA

Certified: Information System Security Professional (CISSP), AEGIS Research Corp.

Eglin AFB, FL 2002

Certificate of Accomplishment, ISSO/ISSR Training, USAF

Whiteman AFB MO, Jan 2001

Certified: Network Technician and Computer Technician

Brain Bench, Aug 2000

Diploma, Professional Military Education, Non Commissioned Office Academy

Keesler AFB, MS, USAF, 1999

Advanced Structural Composite Maintenance, ABRIS Training Corp.

Whiteman AFB, MO, 1999

Occupational Education Computer Science, Turbo C++, Visual Basic, and CS 365 Business Data Communications

State Fair Community College and Park University, Whiteman AFB, MO 1999-2002

Novell Education Certificate, Novell Netware 3.11

505 System Manager, 515 Advanced System Manager, 701 Support and Service

Holloman AFB, NM, Jan 1993

Certificate of Training, Technical Training, Airframe Repair Specialist

Chanute AFB, IL, USAF, Jun 1983



MS Windows work station administration 95-XP                                                         

MS Windows server administration NT4.0 – 2003                                                        

Novell Server Administration                                                                                           

Linux workstation administration                                                                                     

Network topology installation and documentation                                                       

Telecomm systems installation and documentation                                                     

Technical illustration and documentation in MS Visio

Adv. Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technician

Adv. Plastics and balsawood model building

Heavy equipment operator

Armature photography

Interior electrician



Create, implement, and administrate advanced Microsoft Access                             

2000 databases with Visual Basic program modules and scripts                

Create, implement, and administrate web sites                                                               

Create and administrate procedural documentation                                                      

Install and document network and telecommunications equipment and wiring       

Work as a small focus manager (special projects, etc.)

Languages: Java, Access/Visual Basic, Turbo C++, MSQB 4.5

Work as a supervisor (shift lead, small group, etc.)

Work as a team member or advisor

Work independently (remote or local)

Illustrate Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical drawings

Domicile framing and small application carpentry

Maintain plumbing and mechanical features of real property

Maintain high tech and state-of-the-art health and fitness equipment




20 Years: USAF career, Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technician

15 Years: Computer Systems and Network Administration experience

14 Years: Management and supervisory

4 Years: self employed Computer Systems and Networking Consultant

3 Years: Computer Systems Technician for small town businesses

4 Years: Commanders Recognition Program creating plaques and engravings

2 Years: sales and repair service for a model railroad retail store, including stocking, ordering and maintaining store inventory

2 Years: as Training Manager for over 60 personnel including OJT, correspondence courses, formal and informal classes

1+ Years: Facilities engineer for two nation wide fitness centers in Kansas City

7 Months: of highly specialized mobile team-member and team-leader employment in a foreign country

6 Months: diversified employment in an isolated location under austere conditions in a foreign country

6 Months: janitorial job for Flipside Records of Lancaster Ca.

Over 500 Hours: Laboratory environment and experimentation during Devry University of Kansas City studies

2 Years accumulative instructing experience (scattered teaching jobs through 20 years)



Retired, USAF 20 years service with 17 decorations, and over 25 individual accomplishment letters of recognition, Feb 2003

Small business partner of the year, Warrensburg Area Vocational Tech School (WAVTS), Warrensburg MO, May 2000

Professional Provider of the Year, 9th Fighter Squadron (FS), Holloman AFB, NM, 1996

Maintenance Safety Award of the Quarter, 49th Fighter Wing, Holloman AFB, NM, 1996

NCO of the Quarter, 9th FS, Holloman AFB, NM, Jun 1996

Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, 9th FS, Holloman AFB, NM, 1995 and Whiteman AFB, MO, 2003

Society of the Nighthawk, F117A Martian, Lockheed Aerospace, 9th FS, Holloman AFB, NM, 1995

Humanitarian Service Award, 4449 Mobility Support Squadron (MOBSS), Holloman AFB, NM, 1991

Cold Ware Certificate, in recognition of National Defense Service during the Cold War of 1945 - 1991

Certificate of Honor, Achievement in Drafting, Antelope Valley High School, May 1982


Employment History

2006 – Present: Facilities Engineer, Lifetime Fitness, Overland Park Ks. Successfully complete grand opening activities required to stand up a; ground up, newly constructed, state of the art multi-million dollar, nationally recognized fitness chain, extreme high quality fitness center. Actions include hanging of banners, signs, bathroom fixtures, chemical stations, safety equipment, and various storage implements. Participate in the completion of construction activities, playing a key role in the completion of punch list items, and aligning finished product with branding standards and meeting or exceeding the facilities acceptance team expectations. Startup, operate and monitor aquatics plumbing and mechanical equipment associated with 6 bodies of recreational swimming pools. Startup, operate and monitor; heat exchanger systems, HVAC systems, interior and exterior lighting, landscape care, audio and visual systems, security and fire monitoring systems.  Coordinate local and national contractor actions as required by warranty or repair necessity. Complete maintenance actions and repairs, parts exchange and warranty periodic maintenance on state-of-the-art fitness equipment made by Life Fitness, Precore, Nautilus, Body Master, Woodway, Technogym, Iron Grip and many others. Complete and hold Certified Pool Operators (CPO) course and certification. Operate Olympic length and other recreational swimming pools, large capacity Spas, Steam rooms, and Dry saunas with associated industrial grade mechanical equipment. Maintain, repair and manage; electrical, mechanical and plumbing aspects of real property including; professional grade wood flooring systems, sound systems, sports fitness associated hardware, carpentry, finished stone, lime stone floor and wall tile, furniture, rock climbing wall, racket ball courts, squash courts, dinning and beauty salon facilities and many other amenities found within an artistry quality health and fitness gymnasium.


2006 – 2006: Facilities Technician, Shawnee Mission Ks, 24 Hour Fitness. Complete maintenance actions and repairs, parts exchange and warranty periodic maintenance on state-of-the-art fitness equipment made by Life Fitness, Precore, Nautilus, Body Master, Iron Grip and many others. Complete and hold Certified Pool Operators (CPO) course and certification. Operate Olympic length swimming pools, 2500 gallon Spas, Steam rooms, and Dry saunas with associated industrial grade mechanical equipment. Maintain, repair and manage; electrical, mechanical and plumbing aspects of real property including professional grade wood flooring systems, audio and visual systems, sports fitness associated hardware, carpentry, furniture and other amenities found within a health and fitness gymnasium.

                Summer 2006, assisted with the fabrication of a counter top and sink assembly for sanitizing juice bar dishware. Innovative thinking and sheet metal working experience led to the incorporation of on hand materials bringing project costs down and expediting the completion ahead of schedule. This minimized the down time and further enhanced the customer experience at the Overland Park facility.

Fall 2006, completed installation of additional electrical outlet for vending machines including pass-through finish work in sheet metal and drywall at the Gladstone facility.

                Fall 2006, successfully completed leadership of the salt conversion program, spearheading the upgrade of the four area recreational aquatic systems, replacing aging cal-hypo tablet systems, with state-of-the-art Pentair salt electrolysis converters at the Shawnee Mission facility.   

2004 – Present: Computer Dot Com, Grandview Mo, Network and PC Consultant, PC Technician, Part Time Freelance employment.

                Offer opinions to questions concerning unusual behavior of a system. Options usually range from bad MB controllers to Bad Power Supplies, and Bad Memory or ROM Drives. Video and Modem troubles, Wireless home network issues, Installation techniques, nothing to formidable. Often use the Microsoft Knowledge base to look up specific error messages. The OS’s range from Win 98 to Win XP, No server software questions come up. 

                Help answer questions from customers and provide insight and comprehensive answers of a technical nature amassed from extensive personal experience.

Spring 2005, a customer reported difficulty with a system, trouble was related to a factory installation of Win XP on a custom built state of the art, HP 3.0 ghz system. Customer desired to make captures of VHS home movies and burn them to DVD using a Pinnacle capture device. Customer also wanted to convert an ageing vinyl LP library to audio CD via the capture device. The system was highly unstable, and upon further examination, over a three day period, recommended replacement of the Hard Drive and a scratch install of each of the software packages to be used. Having completed the reinstallation on a new HD, functionality of the capture device and DVD burner returned to normal. Furthermore, spent 3 days training and demonstrating the Pinnacle software, Cool edit 96 audio capture software, and Nero burning software enabling the customer to complete the tasks envisioned.

                Summer 2005, Installed a 3-computer network for Messer Dental Laboratory, a dental appliance agency.  Dragged cable and installed a 4 port Hub, and ISP provided DSL modem, to complete a routine small DSL connected network in a business.

                Summer 2005, Installed a wireless router from Linksys in the computer shop enabling a full testing environment of incoming customers wireless equipment and laptops. Installed an Edimax USB Print server enabling printing capability from anywhere in the shop on a deskjet printer.

                Summer 2005, responded to a call in Belton, customer complained of a relatively new workstation/server having boot difficulties. Upon arrival discovered a previous workman’s attempts were fruitless and left the network in a state less operable. Opened the system to discover the audio cable from CD Rom to Motherboard was cut and frayed at the hinge point of the Dell system causing an intermittent short. The short had damaged the motherboard beyond use, recommended replacement of the MB under warranty, further tested a LAN cable which endures walkway traffic, discovered it was badly worn and frayed, and replaced/ rerouted it with a new cable. Returned two weeks later when called upon for a new problem, the new system was having communications difficulty within the network, discovered toolbar, adware, and spyware on the system with a network scan from Trend Micro, removed the troublesome code with Spy Bot S&D, re-installed Avast antivirus software and restored TCP/IP network settings to reconnect the network. The second and third calls for this location were by name requests via Computer Dot Com.

2002 – 2006: Show Me Model Railroad Company, Grandview MO, Model repair & layout assembly consultant, salesman. Installed laptop and Decoder pro services to the shop layout. Replaced the shop computer system, installed Win 2000, Office 2000 and several train and business related software’s. Implemented a data backup routine. Began attending Devry University. Donate services, time, and facilities to create, implement, and maintain 7 model railroad web sites using MS Front Page.

1999 – 2001: Computer Services, Warrensburg MO, Computer systems and network consultant, technician

                Repaired whatever came into the shop. Installed CD ROM drives, Hard drives, and Modems on a regular basis. Completed system upgrades from processor exchanges to adding memory, or improved video. Setup most workstations for DialUp networking of the Island Internet provider in Sedelia Mo. Not much more than routine tasks while the shop was open.

                Once the shop closed, Warrensburg Eyecare, requested services to help expand and upgrade the network. The network consisted of 8 computers in Warrensburg, and 1 each in Richmond, Windsor, and Concordia. Each had a dedicated leased 56k link and modem. The upgrade included migration from Novell network services and file server to Windows 2000 server, and Win NT file server both over a star topology using TCP/IP. Employed a Cisco 2611, 16 Port router and three Cisco 805 Single port routers and 5 port Linksys hubs to reestablish a reliable 56k backbone.  Installed new network cable drags to several exam rooms in Warrensburg, and all new drags in Windsor, Concordia, and Richmond. Established connectivity and setup Windows Terminal Services Client for all workstations and laptops. “Eyecare” proprietary software became the new paperless documentation system for all patients’ optical exam records. The network expanded to 18 total computers, 3 laptops, 2 File servers, and a DSL connection for ISP. Programmed the routers from scratch, used extensive help from tech services at Cisco. Installed a tape backup system and implemented a backup routine to include off site storage of media. Further, ISP and Router configuration was made possible by external sources. This led to replacement of the 56k link with DSL and the “Eyecare” program began usage via VPN in a Win TS client/server environment. All of this was accomplished over a three-year period.

                Assisted in adding a network drop to Burton Dental of Warrensburg. Ensured connectivity over TCP/IP network for Internet and data to a local Dell brand file and application server.

1995 – 2002: Self employed, H-10-K Enterprises, Computer systems and networking consultant.

Alamogordo NM, Alamogordo Physical Therapy Center. Network administrator, Novell 311, WordPerfect Suite, transition from Dos 6.2 to Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. Comprised mostly of installing software, and upgrading memory. Ensured wired connectivity and Novell File Server operations. Installed networked applications as required. Moved to Whiteman AFB shortly thereafter.

Alamogordo NM and Warrensburg MO, responding when called upon to complete upgrade paths for home computer system, installing ISP services to local ISPs over DSL or Cable broadband connections. Just routine stuff, nothing formidable. Antivirus installation and Virus Removal. Simple upgrades or software installations. Simple DSL connectivity in small businesses. Accumulated over 200 individual calls of this nature.

Knobnoster MO, Installed from scratch a network and telephone cable plant for First Command Financial. Consisting of 14 drops. Provided 1 year warranty maintenance.

Grandview MO, Installed from scratch a network and telephone cable plant for First Command Financial. Consisting of 8 drops. Provided 1 year warranty maintenance.

1983 – 2003: USAF, Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technician, Holloman AFB NM, and Whiteman AFB MO

                Began Computer usage in 1986, post L-86 purchases of x286 machinery. Began small computer support activities post x386 upgrade purchases in 1988. Assumed control and administration over the campus area network post Novell training and x486 upgrade purchases in 1993. Transferred to Whiteman AFB in 1997, assumed a Work Group Manager(WGM) role within the section, quickly became the flight CSSO/TASO. Functioned as WGM during assignment to an office position as Section Training Manager. Designed and implemented the Consolidated Personnel Management System (CPMS) database in MS Access, which remains in use today. This database took 6 months to write and perfect. During the WGM tour was responsible for ensuring connectivity of all section and flight assets. Required to install, upgrade, maintain and trouble shoot operating systems, office automation software and network client interfaces over Novell 4.12 and 32 bit Info Connect. 32 Bit Info Connect software is used as terminal emulation software for client on windows to interface with DCP 15/30 Main Frame system. Moved into the Organizational Computer Manager(OCM) position temporarily assuming those duties while the primary was undergoing training. This was a 3-month position for a highly trained individual.  Assumed the Organizational Security Managers position and received advanced CISSP and ISSR/ISSO training. Developed a process tracking and automation database, used as a benchmark for other organizational managers. Security clearance was upgraded during this time period. The position lasted 3 months. Returned to the LO section and began supervisory and recognition program work until retirement from the USAF, 1 Feb 2003.


Professional Positions

Facilities Engineer, Overland Park KS, Lifetime Fitness Inc.

Responsibilities: Meet or exceed the artistry expectations, of extreme high quality, state-of-the-art fitness equipment and facilities maintenance. Be the cutting edge industry leader of health and fitness centers facilities engineers.

Accomplishments: Established reputation as a high quality, widely experienced and knowledgeable maintenance technician. Completed all actions associated with the standup of a newly constructed, multi-million dollar health and fitness center.

Facilities Technician, Shawnee Mission KS, 24 Hour Fitness Inc.

Responsibilities: Meet the growing needs of the community for high quality fitness equipment and facilities maintenance.

Accomplishments: Established reputation as a skilled general maintenance guru. Gained the respect of fellow technicians and supervisors alike. Leader for the aquatics salt chlorination conversion project.

Proprietor, H-10-K Enterprises, Alamogordo NM, and the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Responsibilities: Meet the growing needs of the community for high quality systems technical support.

Accomplishments: Established proprietorship and tech positions in local computer repair shops as a desirable and highly skilled Network and PC technician and consultant.

Board of Directors, WAVTS Computer and Information Management Education, Warrensburg MO

Responsibilities: Attend and direct meetings of the board, establish course goals and objectives, obtain support and provide insight from the industry point of view.

Accomplishments: Awarded Small Business Partner of the Year, Warrensburg Area Vocational Tech School (WAVTS), Warrensburg MO, May 2000 due to efforts made to obtain donated computer systems from the Air Force Base

Board of Directors, Recording Secretary, South Kansas City Model Railroaders, Union Station, Kansas City MO

Responsibilities: Serve as advisor on matters concerning club expenditures, fund raising activities, and recruitment of membership and general operation of the club to promote and enjoy the model railroad industry. Create and administrate the club web site.

Accomplishments: Successfully guided activities concerning relocation of the club house on two separate occasions, acclaimed as one of the general railroad experts for layout operations, general go-to person for questions concerning construction, modification or upgrade of models, trains, or modular associated equipment.

Board of Directors, Weekend ‘N’gineers, Union Station, Kansas City MO

Responsibilities: Serve as advisor on matters concerning club expenditures, fund raising activities, and recruitment of membership and general operation of the club to promote and enjoy the model railroad industry. Create and administrate the club web site.

Accomplishments: Successfully guided activities concerning relocation of the club house on two separate occasions, acclaimed as one of the electricians for layout operations, general go-to person for questions concerning construction, modification or upgrade of models, trains, or modular associated equipment. Created job descriptions for each of the chair positions for the GKCMRRE.

Expo Coordinator, Greater Kansas City Model Railroad Expo, Kansas City MO

Responsibilities: Serve as Vice chairman, coordinate and acquire participation of vendors and layout clubs for the events. Design, modify, and complete maps, drawings and associated literature for 3 of the 4 shows. Represent the Weekend ‘N gineers in a professional and polite manner for the welfare and promotion of the shows.

Accomplishments: Successfully coordinated 4 of 6 show layouts and scheduling. The 2005 show venue being held in Kansas City Union Station, with over 6000 attending patrons of all ages. The largest show/fund raiser to date.

Vice President and Secretary, Alamogordo N-Scale Train Society, Alamogordo NM

Responsibilities: Keep notes and develop literature including By-Laws for the clubs membership. Coordinate public relations with the city. Serve as ambassador between the public and the club volunteers. Coordinate show layout and setup details. Secure transportation to and from club events and shows. Provide guidance for club electrical issues concerning modules and operations. Promote the model railroad industry. Have fun enjoying the world’s greatest hobby.

Accomplishments: Established a quarterly publication, published the By-Laws and annual updates including standards consisting of over 30 pages. Firsts in all cases for the newly formed club.

Squadron Small Computer Systems Administrator, 509th MXS, Whiteman AFB, MO

Responsibilities: 3 Month tour, Manage ADPE account for the organizations small computers with over 400 line items totaling nearly 2 million dollars in assets. Coordinate server data control and functionality with Base Network Control Center, Ensure smooth operation and training of Work Group Manager core within the unit. Consolidate and coordinate computer related issues of the unit with the Base Network Control Center. Function as CISSP and ISSO/ISSR in the absence of the primary accountable officer. Establish and document policy and procedures.

Accomplishments: Successfully accounted for all assigned equipment, This was no small task. Systems and equipment are scattered over 12 buildings and multiple floors/rooms of the units’ facilities. It was an incomplete task from two previous account custodians through two years. Completed CISSP and ISSO/ISSR training to become the primary accountable officer for the unit. Streamlined data accountability and functionality for MOAAD(Mother Of All Access  Databases) which was an integral part of daily operations for the command flight of the unit. Created a consolidated and uniform WGM CD set for software troubleshooting and installation of unit assets. Documented standard operating procedures for CISSP and ISSO/ISSR position and other related processes of the office.

Squadron Security Manager, 509th MXS, Whiteman AFB, MO

CISSP & ISSO-ISSR, Instructor - Security familiarization for the Commanders Newcomer Program

Responsibilities: 3 Month tour, Provide initial familiarization training for squadron newcomers program. Conduct initial training of, and provide squadron level guidance of, security procurement procedures and policy. Other duties concerning personnel security. Provide guidelines and policy for computer usage security and maintenance. Serve as Telephone Control Officer, CISSP & ISSO/ISSR, OCM, and manage squadron physical and electronic security systems and personnel. Provide pathway for obtaining security clearance above EntNAC.

Accomplishments: Successfully instructed the 1-week, Base PC familiarization course for new WGM students.

Established a squadron level, 5-year computer upgrade and replacement plan based on Base level recommendations and flight level plans. Assisted in the development of the Squadron Network and Data Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Plan utilizing HQAF directives and guidance. **Note** Due to Mission objectives and squadron activities (Operation Iron Anvil, and Operation Allied Force) was not afforded the opportunity to continue teaching PC Fam or CISSP courses. CISSP certification has expired.

Small Computers WGM and Telephone Control Representative, Fabrication Flight, 509th MXS, Whiteman AFB, MO

Responsibilities: 3 Year tour. Same as above but on a much smaller and less time consuming level.

Accomplishments: Established a 5-year computer upgrade and replacement program where none had existed before.

Shift Lead, Low Observables Section, 509th MXS, Whiteman AFB, MO

Responsibilities: 1.5 Year tour. Keep the B-2 Spirit stealthy.

Accomplishments: Successfully completed all assigned tasks. Received decorations and other recognitions for those efforts.

Training Manager, Low Observables Section, 509th MXS, Whiteman AFB, MO

Responsibilities: 3.5 Year tour. Manage upgrade and qualification training of all assigned personnel. Develop and implement tracking procedures and data maintenance facilities for all section data. Schedule training and perform instructional courses to meet current requirements for upgrade and qualification training. Schedule and coordinate recurring training and events for all requirements of assigned personnel. Meet mission requirements for training and qualifications tasks of all assigned personnel and associated training equipment. Maintain safety and security and instructional certifications for the execution of training of assigned personnel. Establish, author, and publish local training requirements and policy for assigned personnel.

Accomplishments: Created from scratch an MS Access database to manage, track, schedule, and document all data for 100 assigned personnel. Established new and improved Training Manager procedures for daily operations including security, mobility, training, and qualifications of all assigned personnel.

Instructor - Operational Risk Management (ORM), Fabrication Flight, 509th MXS, Whiteman AFB, MO

Responsibilities: 2 Year tour. Instruct a course designed to familiarize students with the execution, architecture, features, and maintenance of Operational Risk Management utilized by the Air Force, Develop a course of Instruction and document the learning process for ORM including a Power Point slide show and training aids.

Accomplishments: Successfully conducted the course over a two year period.

Instructor - Small Computer Systems Familiarization course 509th Communications Squadron, Whiteman AFB, MO

Responsibilities: Instruct a course designed to familiarize students with the construction, architecture, features, and maintenance of small computers currently utilized by the Air Force, Develop a course of Instruction and document the learning process for PC Fam. including a Power Point slide show and training aids

Accomplishments: Successfully instructed the 1 week, Base PC familiarization course for new WGM students.

Instructor - Category 1 training, Structures Erection Course, 4449th MOBSS, Holloman AFB, NM

Responsibilities: Provide classroom and field instruction to a 7-10 student Civil Engineering cadre for the purpose of deployment and employment of US Air Force Harvest Bare and Harvest Falcon portable shelter assets. Course duration 2 weeks

Accomplishments: Successfully completed four courses of instruction at home base, and one 3-week TDY to Hurlburt Field Fla. 312 RHCES

Non Commissioned Office In Charge (NCOIC) Special Projects, 4449th MOBSS, Holloman AFB, NM

Responsibilities: Construct a portable display model in 1/72nd scale to accurately represent the deployment of a 500 person, 12 aircraft support package, of Harvest Bare deployable portable assets. Conceive, design, acquire, purchase, procure, store, house, construct, fabricate, assemble, detail, paint and customize all parts and materials required for the display including the display case within an extremely limited budget within a reasonable time period. Control work environment and working conditions including scheduling work hours, and status report updates provided to the commander weekly, without supervision. Solely responsible for ones own actions and consequences. Interact with mobility NCO for the development of a database of actual deployable assets using cutting edge desktop technology.

Accomplishments: Within an 18 month period successfully completed the daunting task of scratch building or assembling the parts and materials required to complete the display model. Won an Air Force Achievement Medal for said actions, after 20 years the model is still on display today and continues its mission to inform the attendants of the capabilities of the Harvest Bare shelter systems and their use. The finished model and display case are 12 feet wide, 8 feet deep, and stand 45 inches tall. Successfully coordinated computerized database assimilation, and documentation of the model and deployable assets.

NCOIC Technical Integration, 4449th MOBSS, Holloman AFB, NM

Responsibilities: Install, implement, maintain, update, repair, maximize assets availability and usage, for organizational PC and networking equipment associated with the Bare Base Campus Area Network, with connectivity to the base wide area network. Inventory all small computer assets on account totaling over 1 million dollars and over 600 line items. Train and employ assistants for eventual succession when required to. Make and give weekly status reports directly to the squadron commander. Plan, budget, and replace or upgrade all assets as the network and PC platforms evolve.  Create, author, publish and implement usage, security, tracking, accountability, and life cycle policy for the entire squadron. Create and author benchmark procedures and policies for use base wide.

Accomplishments: Successfully administrated the Bare Base Campus Area Network for two years. Won an Air Force Achievement Medal for said efforts. The campus area network was the first of its kind to functionally operate at the Bare Base Maintenance Complex, and became the backbone for all future upgrades and modifications.

NCOIC Commanders Recognition Program, 4449th MOBSS, Holloman AFB, NM

Responsibilities: Design, create, and preplan recognition events and appropriate recognition materials. Procure, assemble, fabricate, and compose all related materials for program perpetuation. Standardize, streamline, and document all verbiage, sayings, logos, and related scripture for employment upon and for the plaques, engraving, and trophies used for passing on recognition. Train, document and compose procedures and techniques for developing, fabricating and assembling plaques and engravings as requested.  Procure, store, safeguard and inventory high dollar parts and materials and associated materials for the recognition program. Over see the tasks assigned to support personnel and assess quality of said products to ensure only the highest quality product is released. Operate computerized engraving systems via self education and discovery. System operated on floppy storage with an 8088 processor and 4 mgb. of memory.

Accomplishments: Successfully produced over 1000 individual items of recognition to include plaques, engravings, trophies, models, medallions, and certificates. Received numerous letters of appreciation, plaques, engravings, and a model in recognition of the outstanding support and efforts made.

NCOIC Structural Maintenance Support Section, 4449th MOBSS, Holloman AFB, NM

Responsibilities: Oversee the accountability, maintenance, and employment of the sections bench stock and tool control system and facilities.  Procure, place, restock, inventory, maintain, and replace all bench stock and tool items within the section totaling over 1 million dollars in tools and parts for use in the repair of war ready materials.

Accomplishments: Re-shadow boarded the tools for greater check-in/out efficiency and safety. Realigned the entire bench stock inventory totaling over 1000 parts and materials for tighter control and ease of restock and inventory. Won recognition and an overall Excellent rating during an Organizational Readiness Inspection(ORI), and Military Efficiency Inspection(MEI)


Affiliations (past and present)

Association of Information Technology Professionals

Non-Commissioned Officer Association (NCOA)

Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA)

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Union Station Kansas City Historical Society

Weekend ‘N’ gineers Model Railroad Club

N-Trak Modular Railroading Society

Southern Kansas City Model Railroad Club

Toy Train Depot of Alamogordo NM

Alamogordo N-Scale Train Society (ANTS)

Warrensburg Food Locker

Alamogordo Food Pantry, a division of the Alamogordo Dept. of Social Services